How Does This Work? Our Process

Our process for working with you is pretty straightforward. Here is a step-by-step overview:

Step 1: ask to be notified

Use the contact form here to let us know that you want to do something with your dog’s hair. When it’s your turn, we will notify you to send us a sample.

Every dog’s hair is unique, just like the dog. Even purebred dogs’ coats differ. So we require a sample before accepting any order.

Step 2: send us a sample

When you get your email notification that we can accept your sample, there will be a link for you to register. When your registration is complete, you receive an email with instructions where to send the hair for sampling. We will need at least 3 grams but more is good. Do NOT send all your hair at once. This is just a sample. If you haven’t already read up on how to collect your dog’s hair, you can do so here. It will save you lots of money and frustration.

When we receive the hair, we will let you know by email. We then process the hair and spin it. Unless you are interested in just yarn, we also knit a swatch. We then return your swatch or skein with our report to you.

The sampling process costs $35 which includes return shipping. If you are in the United States, you will also receive a $5 credit toward your first order.

Step 3: spend time with your sample

When you get your swatch or skein back, it’s important to make sure that you are comfortable with the yarn you get, so hold your sample close to your neck and face frequently over several days. Email any questions you have.

Step 4: discuss your order with us

At this point, if you wish to proceed to an order, we will discuss all the parameters of your order. Once we are ready to begin work, we will issue an invoice for the order as agreed. 50% of the total is due to begin work. When the project is complete, we adjust the invoice to reflect any differences (total yarn spun, changes to any article, extra processing that was not anticipated at the start) and we add shipping costs. Upon payment of the balance due, the order is shipped to you.

When do I send you all my dog hair?

Once sampling is completed, you have two options:

  1. You can send us hair if you want us to store it. Our storage services include regular freezing and lofting, humidity control, and pest management. Rates are based on weight and are billed a year in advance. When work on your order begins, we prorate storage fees and credit your order invoice.
  2. You can store your hair yourself and ship it to us when we are ready to begin work. You will want to make sure that your hair is completely dry and free of pests, and that the hair is stored as loosely as possible (hair will mat in storage if it’s compacted).

How long does all of this take?

We have a saying here: you can’t make brisket in a pressure cooker. Not if you like barbeque, anyway. Every order we take is truly custom, made by hand from start to finish.

We like to turn samples around as quickly as possible. That usually takes 2-4 weeks until the customer has their skein or swatch. The order process varies. Currently, our wait time is many months between returning the sample and beginning the order. We stopped accepting new samples during the pandemic when the wait to begin orders reached 3 years. We are working hard to reduce that time, but we have to manage expectations as well. This process is detailed and truly custom.

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